Strategic action plan for Finance and Operations

We help improving your contribution margins, optimizing your operations, and increasing your company’s efficiency through a strategic and integrated view of your business.

Based on a detailed diagnosis of your organization, we prepare and implement an action plan, where we connect operations, finance, processes, and the team to obtain better short, medium, and long-term results.


Business plan for Startups and Small and Medium-Size Companies

We create a well-structured business plan that provides a clear view of where your business is at the moment and sets parameters for its evolution.

We regularly monitor this dynamic evolution process, enabling adaptations and redirection of efforts at the right time, guiding the company towards an adequate pivoting.


Financial, Operational and Tax Scenarios Analysis

We identify opportunities to improve profitability, predictability, sustainability, and business decision making.

We help find the proper pricing of products and services in the market and review product portfolio in order to optimize efforts and maximize profits.


Change and Project Management

With HUCMI Change Management certifications for both Traditional or Predictive Approaches and Agile Approaches, we conduct an in-depth diagnosis of the current situation and a structured change process for your business, aiming not only to optimize processes and systems, but also to increase people engagement so that changes can be efficiently implemented in the organization.

When structuring the company’s project portfolio, analyzing criticality, costs, obligations, and impact, we detail which projects should be prioritized, which are the immediate impact accomplishments and where to invest in order to obtain the highest return. 


Operations, Processes and Supply Chain Optimization

We review, automate, and simplify processes to better direct the company’s human and financial resources.

We also assist in efficient structuring of Supply Chain and Logistics, balancing cost, and service level, enabling better financial margins, providing greater predictability to the operation and increasing customer satisfaction.


Finance, Supply Chain and Operations Training

We provide training and engage employees towards professional and managerial development in Finance, Supply Chain and Operations based on successes and lessons learned from extensive experience in these areas.